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Don't think its going anywhere, just think of all those late goals that small prem clubs will score against the big boys that can't be ruled out because of VAR.

The horse has well and truly bolted on this one and not coming back.

someone on the BBC's page made an excellent comment about the match of the day panel constantly moaning about refs but never saying a word about players cheating to get decisions. Ian wright I'm looking at you!!!
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It won't go. Seems like the other clubs have made it known they want it to stay. I'd imagine it's probably just Wolves, Forest and maybe a couple of other clubs towards the bottom that want it gone. But as has been widely said, there's not that much wrong with the system, it's the incompetent people deciding how it's used and the ones using it that are the problem.
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It's entirely *how* it's being used that's the problem. Technology is in use in cricket and rugby and is pretty successful and there's hardly any clap-back in those (with the exception of the recent Premiership match where Austin Healy spotted an infringement and the TMO wrongly said he couldn't look at it as it might appear he was being driven by the commentator).
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