Theidlerich; 2022/23 season champion

Run by Shade

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Thanks to Alfie May’s 88th minute equaliser, theidlerich picks up the 9 points needed to take a stunning last gasp victory in this seasons Predicta League. Congratulations!

Commiserations to Johnson’s Red Army who had been up there all season and, I think, had only spent one or two rounds off the top spot since late December.

Elsewhere, Nesty nudges myself out of my long held 3rd spot to get the final podium place, and Red Duke also moves up one spot on the final day.

I’m “on the beach” so please let me know if any of you find an error but, otherwise, all that remains is for me to thank you all for taking part and hopefully see you again for round 1 in around 11 weeks or so, I’d guess.

The table after the final round, MD 47:
1. theidlerich - 131
2. Johnsons Red Army - 130
3. Nesty -102
4. Shade - 100
5. Regency Cheltenham Spa - 95
6. AlexCTFC - 90
7. cliffy90 - 85 - the final bonus point of the season
8. asl - 76
9. Red Duke - 62
10. Pie - 60
11. CTFCfan99 - 57
12. slinky_dog - 56
13. Broadway Brian - 46
14. Haitch - 15
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Johnsons Red Army
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Well done tir!

An epic prediction on the final day to win it!

Thanks again Shade for running it this season!
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After almost getting "relegated", I was pleased that I have done enough to avoid the dreaded drop! :-)
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Sheer fluke folks......commiseration's to JRA who lead the flotilla for so long. Shade deserving of his 'beach' time in, no doubt, a rather warmer clime than here. My eternal thanks for taking over the reigns so magnificently and of course to all those predictor contributors throughout the season. It is good to have some entertainment alongside the reality of following a team, so often fraught with the odd delight of the unexpected result.
i'm off to watch the occasional GCCC game with serious bragging rights with my cricket companions at Bristol who are all Rovers fans, looking forward to that! Chelt ckt fest next up....
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Been a pleasure. Enjoy your summer of willow on leather.
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