Rules 2023/24 Season

Run by Shade

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A few tweaks and clarifications based on what happened last season.

- Full time outcome (CTFC win, draw or opposition win) - 3 points
- Correct score - 3 points
- First CTFC goalscorer - 3 points. Predicting no scorer is also 3 points.
- Minute of the first CTFC goal - 5 points if spot on. 3 points if within 1 minute. Otherwise, whoever is closest gets 1 point. "No goal" will also get 1 point if correct. To stop dissent within the ranks, if you predict no CTFC goal you cannot pick a goalscorer or a minute of first goal - "Goalscorer" and "Minute" will be marked as though you predicted none.
- If you get all four categories correct for one match (or closest in the case of first goal time), you get a bonus 10 points, so maximum score for one round is now 24 points.

At the end of the season, if it goes down to the final day again, those involved should PM me their final predictions and I will then post them at the same time shortly before kick-off (if I'm involved, unlikely, I'll need a volunteer!)

FA Cup & Carabao/EFL Cup games will count. Papa Johns/EFL Trophy will not.
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Thanks Shade.

Really appreciate the effort you put in to this.

I tried the tactic of never predicting us to lose last season. Unsurprisingly, I came bottom.

Looking forward to this one.

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Here we go again; grateful thanks to Shade for taking up the cudgels again. Much appreciated. Hopefully all "oldies" will return and more 'newbies' emerge. I'll draw a veil over GCCC and the Chelt ckt fest to date; sufficient to say looking forward to the new footy season and sincerely hope we do well; and finish higher than last season!
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