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Given the slightly tenuous link between Jude Bellingham and Cheltenham, that his dad played for us for a short time, I thought I'd just mention on here that I think he will win at least one of the world's best player awards before he's 24. The Ballon D'or or Fifa's "The Best". I think he's the first player I've seen called stuff like "generational talent" or other superlatives and I actually think "yeah, they're right".

To think he's a 20 year old from just up the road, tearing it up in Madrid and for England, must be incredibly inspiring for youngsters. Obviously, we've known for a couple of years already that he's going to be a top, top player but I think his performances for Madrid so far, what Carvajal said about him, the way he went about dismantling Scotland last night and his immediate reaction to the jeering of the national anthem just proved what most people suspected. You can tell he's got a next level attitude and incredible brain from the way he left England for Dortmund at 17 and the way he has talked to the media from the first time (at this stage of their careers, Rooney and Beckham were basically still grunting and saying "uuuuuhhhhhh" 30 times a minute). If he can stay injury free and professional (no reason to think he won't the way he has conducted himself to the top at the age of 20), I just wonder how many years it will be before he's generally thought of as England's greatest ever player. 10? 5? If he captains England to a world cup (inevitably England's next permanent captain once Kane retires in a few years, I'd think) I think it will be immediate :lol: