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Trust members would have received this month’s newsletter and amongst the usual updates seen the announcement of a new podcast.

This looks different to the usual podcast of talking about games and players and instead has a focus on more detailed discussion about how the club operates.

Described as follows:

“This is a bit of an experiment (so buckle up for exciting teething problems...), but as a benefit of Robins Trust membership we're launching a brand new podcast series: Ornithology - providing a deep dive into the anatomy of our club. From the ownership, to the Club board, and across various aspects of CTFC, the series explores how the club works via discussions with the people who keep the show on the road.

This will be an exclusive podcast for Trust members, which will be linked to your membership.

More details will follow in the next couple of weeks.”

It is exclusive for Trust members…so join if you want to listen!
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that's my kick up the ar5e to join then, take my money!!!
Jerry St Clair
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Really good podcast. Thanks to the Trust for putting it out. It’s a deep dive into how the owners/Board practically function together. Well worth a listen.

Oh, and the process of getting it into my podcast feed worked a treat. Very straightforward.
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Great podcast. Good insight from Paul Baker.
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RegencyCheltenhamSpa wrote: 07 Nov 2023, 13:07 Great podcast. Good insight from Paul Baker.
Yes, well worth a listen.
Interesting that PB favours a different approach to the main stand issue than DB.
Good initiative by the Trust and well presented by Jaime.
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