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Thanks for the feedback from those who've already listened, but as we're still a few days away from a game, I thought I'd do a proper announcement on the Nest:

As an exclusive benefit for Robins Trust membership, we’ve launched a brand-new Cheltenham Town podcast - Ornithology: a Robins Trust podcast.

This is (initially at least) a series of monthly episodes where we speak to various decision-makers and members of staff from the club about how the whole thing operates and how they keep the show on the road.

We'll take a look under the bonnet at the major owners, the Club board, the medical staff, how a shirt is put together, running the stadium and the vast quantity of things a Football Secretary needs to do.

Trust Members can access Ornithology episodes through their memberful account, which links to most podcast platforms.

In this month's debut episode, we examine the club's ownership structure with one of the significant shareholders (and former Chairman) Paul Baker, exploring how the main owners of the Club work together, how they interact with and appoint the Club board of Directors. We also take a wander through the issue of appointing a CEO and the future develpoment potential of Whaddon Road.

Join the Trust today to listen: https://www.robinstrust.org/join/

If you're already a Trust Member, you can find more information about how to listen here: https://www.robinstrust.org/posts/robin ... ology-now/


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The latest episode popped into my feed at lunchtime today. A chat with Dave Beesley, the FED.

Really interesting peek behind the curtain again. The two main points of interest for me were the discussion about the CEO role and collective responsibility (the perception that silence means nothing is happening). Both touching on hot topics oft discussed here.

If you haven't already, sign up to the Trust and have a listen.
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