The Franks Empire.

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The Franks Empire.

Postby Malabus » 06 Oct 2021, 21:01

We are now seeing extremely large numbers of remoaners regretting their actions when voting to remain in the monterous and pathetic EU.

The French threats of late is an insult to my forefathers that liberated their country in-which the French waved the white flag just 6 weeks after the Germans invaded.

The French seem to have a case of bad dementia. ... rgy-supply
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Re: The Franks Empire.

Postby RegencyCheltenhamSpa » 06 Oct 2021, 21:35

Is this a post banging on about the war?

I guess it is timely given the logistics issues still causing food and fuel delivery issues around the country being reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s.
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Re: The Franks Empire.

Postby Red Duke » 07 Oct 2021, 16:13

Nowt to do with the French.

Energy supply issues are more due to running down the gas storage capacity in the UK than anything else. Any sensible Government would make sure there is sufficient gas stored in the UK to cover the current situation but due to short terms economics they didn't do anything about it.
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