CTFC vs AFC Wimbledon Away 13th Nov 2021

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CTFC vs AFC Wimbledon Away 13th Nov 2021

Leaving aside the FA cup away too somewhere in Kent; where we will come away empty handed; the draw against Portsmouth gained a point but by all accounts should have been three. Still too many weak, poor misses in front of an area 96 sq ft or 8.19sq m2. How can you miss from a few feet or yards!!
So will the wombles overcome a fragile CTFC, good question. Hope for a draw at, again, 1-1 with ano to score first.
[I know they don't play on The proper common....]

Possibly!!!!! B******Y call ups????
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Hasn't the game been postponed because of international call-ups?

No idea - I'll check.....thanks for the info........tir
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