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The black partner privelege card has come in useful in the last week or so
I got mine when I bought my season ticket but never knew what it was for , who the partners were and what the priveleges were
Now I know we have had 2 commercial managers but still no explanation of the card
However in the last 10 days or so I have found it to be an extremely useful ice scraper for the car

Has anyone else found a use for it :P
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These cards have been around for about three seasons now but I’ve no idea where they can be used or for what, and when I asked someone involved with the club he scratched his head…..

One for the Trust or SLO to answer maybe?
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It looks nice, it would be handy to know what it can be used for or where?

I’m so fed up with our continual p!## poor off field performances I’ve decided to give up our season tickets next season. We’ll pick and choose games, probably still do 10 - 12 games but following the robins has felt like a one way affair for a bit.

It’s weird because on the pitch we’ve never had it so good and Duff and his staff deserve the utmost support but I’ve just got to the point where I think the board take the supporters for granted.
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Given rising energy and food prices, it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of people are priced out of a season ticket next season to be honest.
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